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Southwest Ohio

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About Me

Meet Shawn Goss, a seasoned Mortgage Loan Officer with a passion for serving his community. With six years of experience, Shawn embodies the principles of Southern hospitality instilled in him during his upbringing. Transitioning from a Trauma Nurse to a Mortgage Banker, Shawn’s dedication to helping people extends from healing physical ailments to alleviating financial stress. His business model is rooted in community service, aiming to assist as many individuals as possible year after year.

What sets Shawn apart is his unwavering dedication to knowledge and expertise, distinguishing him from competitors. Rejecting the typical “salesman” approach, Shawn prioritizes helping clients understand their financial potential. Specializing in guiding First Time Homebuyers, he finds immense joy in demystifying the complex and often stressful process, focusing on their true potential and creditworthiness. Shawn’s success is not measured by million-dollar loans but by the intimate moments, such as consoling clients facing job loss or celebrating with them at the closing table.

Beyond the world of mortgages, Shawn is a devoted family man, married for nearly two decades with two remarkable children. His son, a budding Computer Engineering student, will start college classes in the 7th grade. Meanwhile, his daughter, a talented cheerleader, dancer, softball player, and artist, adds vibrant energy to the family. Shawn’s wife, an educator at the nation’s top children’s hospital, exemplifies the family’s strong work ethic.

Engaging in various community initiatives, Shawn serves as an advisor for a local 4-H club, coaches his children’s sports, and actively contributes to community development through non-profit work. As a pizza enthusiast, Shawn and his family explore local pizza places weekly, a tradition dating back to the early 2000s. His current goal includes organizing a charity golf outing and potentially launching a local “Pizza Festival.” With a heart for both lending and community, Shawn Goss is not just a mortgage professional; he’s a dedicated advocate for the well-being and growth of those around him.

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