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2019 Week 25 U.S. Economic Calendar

By | Economic Calendar

The week of June 17th, 2019 scheduled economic reports. Key reports are home starts and sales with a FOMC meeting on tap.

Monday, June 17th

  • New York Fed manufacturing survey.
  • Homebuilder survey.

Tuesday, June 18th

  • Housing starts.

Wednesday, June 19th

  • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) mortgage purchase applications index.
  • FOMC Meeting.

Thursday, June 20th

  • Weekly unemployment claims.

Friday, June 21st

  • Existing home sales.


By | News and Updates


Tickets Now Available for the 2019 St. Louis St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway!

We are excited to share the opportunity to help in the fight against childhood cancer! We need your support to join us in the 10th Annual St. Louis St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway, in our mission to raise over $1,100,000 for the kids of St. Jude!

The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway house, by Payne Family Homes, is located in the Villages of Sandfort Farm in St. Charles, MO. With an estimated value of $487,000, this brand new house comes with 3 beds and 3.5 baths in approximately 4,700 sq. ft.

As an additional incentive, everyone who reserves a ticket by Wednesday, June 12th will be entered to win a $2,500 Visa gift card, courtesy of Paramount Bank.

To reserve your ticket(s), please visit or call 1-800-667-3394.

Thank you for supporting the kids of St. Jude and the fight to end childhood cancer! You could win a house. You will make a difference.

Visit or call 1-800-667-3394 to get your ticket today!

Giveaway is conducted by and benefits ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. Void where prohibited by law. View the terms and conditions.

Parmesan Corn on the Cob

By | Favorite Recipes


  • 8 ears corn, unhusked
  • 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 2 cloves garlic, pressed
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Place corn, in its husks, directly on the oven rack. Roast until tender and cooked through, about 40-45 minutes.*
  3. In a small bowl, combine butter, garlic and thyme; season with salt and pepper, to taste.
  4. Peel down the husks. Rub each ear of corn with 1 tablespoon butter mixture.
  5. Serve immediately, sprinkled with Parmesan and parsley, if desired.


Recipe from:

2019 Week 24 U.S. Economic Calendar

By | Economic Calendar

The week of June 10th, 2019 scheduled economic reports. Key reports are retail sales and consumer price index.

Monday, June 10th

  • Job openings from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Wednesday, June 12th

  • Consumer Price Index inflation data.
  • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) mortgage purchase applications index.

Thursday, June 13th

  • Weekly unemployment claims.

Friday, June 14th

  • Retail sales.
  • Industrial production.

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Last-Minute Shopper

By | Uncategorized

It’s that time of year again: Father’s Day. What should you get your dad? He doesn’t drop hints and usually buys stuff when he needs it. We’ve listed some things he probably didn’t think he could use, but will definitely enjoy:

1. Mechanic Gloves

Dad probably works on the car every once in a while…or at least claims to… He’s got to protect those man hands a little bit, right? We recommend Mechanix brand gloves for working on cars, mowing the lawn, woodworking, shooting guns, or doing whatever else dads like to do!

Recommendation: Mechanix Wear

2. High-Quality Belt

Ever notice your dad letting a notch out on his belt after a big meal? The problem there is that it shows the stress mark where the buckle is usually positioned and, let’s face it, it’s a little awkward to see that at the table or living room after dinner. Anson Belts has you covered there! Their belts have a click-ratcheting system that allows for micro adjustments discretely.

Recommendation: Anson Belt

3. Stylish Watch

Dad needs to know what time to flip the steaks and is too stubborn to carry his phone around the house, so a watch would be a great gift. Why not look stylish while he’s at it? Vincero Watches look amazing at the barbecue pit or the business meeting. They even have easily interchangeable bands!

Recommendation: Vincero Watches

4. French Press

Pops has to be up and at ‘em for work or that weekend fishing trip. He’d probably enjoy a quick cup of coffee that doesn’t taste like dirt. Get him a French press and a decent bag of ground coffee to keep him going throughout the day!

Shop French Presses

5. Whiskey Stones

If your dad loves having a nice, smooth glass of whiskey before bed, or enjoys looking classy at the poker table, whiskey stones are a good addition. They keep that sweet nectar chilled without diluting it with water! Everybody knows it’s a sin in Scotland to water down good Scotch.

Shop Whiskey Stones

6. Beard Oil

Beards are in right now, everybody knows it. There’s a good chance your dad has a beard, if not, move on to #7. Now, for those of you that stayed, beard oil is a must to keep that chin main looking lively! Treat your dad to some beard oil.

Shop Beard Oil

7. Beer Making Kit

Challenge your dad to make a better beer than the IPA you drink all the time. If he succeeds, convince the old man to start a microbrew!

Shop Beer Making Kits

8. Fitbit

You love your dad. You want him to be around for a long time, and exercising helps achieve that! Getting him a Fitbit might convince him to start going for runs. He will thank you for it later.

Shop Fitbits

9. Fitted Golf Clubs

There’s a good chance your dad plays on the links with his buddies. Take him to a golf store and get his clubs fitted and regripped. You’ll be surprised how many guys are playing with stock clubs that aren’t tailored to their swing and body. Most shops do this for free when you buy a new set! That way, he’ll have no excuses for slicing it into the tree line when you play with him this summer.

10. Projector for Smartphones

Does your dad always have some cool video he saw on “The YouTubes?” With a projector that connects with smartphones, he can show you the video more easily on a blank wall. He could also use this to do “film” with the kids before the big football game, who knows?

Recommendation: Rif6 Projector

6 Million People Can Potentially Lower Their Mortgage Payment With A Refinance

By | Econ News

Recent turbulence in the markets could be a windfall for 5.9 million homeowners. According to a report from Black Knight almost 6 million homeowners could improve their cash-flow by refinancing into a lower interest rate on their home loan.

Interest rates have plummeted as international trade disputes and a sluggish economy drive investors into bonds. Home loan rates are hovering near 4 percent again – the lowest average for the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage in well over a year. Most analysts were anticipating interest rate hikes this year but now almost 6 million homeowners are in the money to refinance to a lower rate. Black Knight’s report indicates the potential savings on interest totals almost $1.6 billion or $271 per home loan per month.

2019 Week 23 U.S. Economic Calendar

By | Economic Calendar

The week of June 3rd, 2019 scheduled economic reports. Key reports are employment and manufacturing.

Monday, June 3rd

  • ISM Manufacturing Index.

Tuesday, June 4th

  • Motor vehicle sales.
  • Fed Chair Jerome Powell speech.
  • Corelogic House Price index.
  • Earning for Salesforce.

Wednesday, June 5th

  • Fed Beige Book.
  • The Mortgage Bankers Association mortgage purchase applications index.
  • ADP Employment Report for May.
  • Earnings for MongoDB, Campbell Soup, Five Below, and Stitch Fix.

Thursday, June 6th

  • Weekly unemployment claims.
  • Trade Balance report.

Friday, June 7th

  • Jobs/Employment Report.

Happy 5/29 Day – National College Savings Plan Day!

By | News and Updates

Today, 5/29, is National College Savings Plan Day. 529s can be tax-advantaged savings options to help place resources toward a future student’s higher education. When education fees and costs come into play it is possible to use funds for qualified college expenses tax-free.*

Celebrate 5/29 Day with us by reviewing the benefits you could receive by utilizing a 529 plan.

  1. Federal Tax Advantages: Qualified 529 account earnings grow federal-tax free and qualified withdrawals are also tax-free.
  2. More Than Tuition: 529 resources can be used for a variety of higher education expenses such as room and board, school supplies, and computers.
  3. Use At Any Accredited School: Each institution administrated by the U.S. Department of Education should provide eligibility.
  4. An Above and Beyond Gift: The gift of an education is a special gift that can never be lost, stolen, or taken away. The ultimate experience!

*You should consult with a qualified tax advisor with respect to the various education benefits.

2019 Week 22 Econ Calendar

By | Economic Calendar

The week of May 27th, 2019 scheduled economic reports. Key reports are unemployment, GDP, and Uber’s first earnings call.

Tuesday, May 28th

  • Fed Survey of Manufacturing in May.
  • Case-Shiller House Price Index for March.

Wednesday, May 29th

  • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) mortgage purchase applications index.
  • Earnings for Abercrombie & Fitch, Canada Goose, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Thursday, May 30th

  • Unemployment claims report.
  • GDP Q1 2019
  • Earnings for Uber, Costco, Dell, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Gap Inc., Ulta.

In Honor of Memorial Day – Paramount Bank Holiday Hours

By | News and Updates

In observance of Memorial Day, all Paramount Bank offices will be closed on Monday May 27th. We will be open regular hours on Tuesday May 28th, 2019. Memorial Day is the time to honor service men and women who have fallen serving our country and fighting for our Freedom.

We’d like to remind you of national Memorial Day Services:

  • The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally through West Potomac Park on Sunday May 26th, 2019 12PM EST.
  • Memorial Day Concert – at the Capitol on Sunday May 26th, 2019 8PM EST.
  • Wreath Laying Ceremony – Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, Monday May 27th, 2019 11AM EST.
  • The National Memorial Day Parade on Constitution Avenue, Monday May 27th, 2019 2PM EST.
  • National Moment of Remembrance, Monday May 27th, 2019 3PM EST.

One of our ways of thanking you for your service and sacrifice is waiving all up front lender fees on our VA home loans.**


** Up front fees will still be on your official Loan Estimate but a lender credit equal to the up front fee costs will be applied. Please keep in mind, if you choose to “buy down” or discount the rate, the discount fee for doing so will be charged accordingly.

Paramount Bank is not endorsed or sponsored by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs or any government agency; Does not reflect DOD endorsements. Customers with questions regarding our loan officers and their licensing may visit the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Directory for more information. Equal Opportunity Lender.

April Home Sales Decline

By | Econ News

Existing home sales fell 0.4 percent to ~5.19 million annual rate according to the National Association of Realtors. 32 percent of sales went to first-time home buyers as housing market inventory remains tight. The median existing home price was up 3.6 percent to $267,000 compared to last year. This data was below expectations and the trend could be fueled by near-record prices keeping buyers on the sidelines.

Advice for Veterans This National Military Appreciation Month

By | Paramount in the Community

As a military veteran myself, I have a great appreciation for all those who preceded me and all those who are currently serving our country.

My appreciation doesn’t end with the veterans, fallen soldiers and current forces. Being a veteran has afforded me the perspective of how challenging deployments in the military are for families, spouses, children, friends, loved ones, pets, etc.

This National Military Appreciation Month, I’m grateful for all of those who have sacrificed in the name of our country.

Here at Paramount Bank, we are working hard to honor our veterans each day. In the past two months alone, we have hired 10 veterans. We’ve hosted certifications for realtors to become certified, with 47 attending our most recent session. We’ll be traveling to Seattle for our next one – and would love to see you there if you are a realtor in the area. Becoming knowledgeable on VA loans is just one small way to show appreciation to veterans.

Each of those is a part of my and Paramount’s initiative to improve the lives of not only veterans but active members of the military. We are striving towards four main goals: educate active members of the military and veterans about their opportunities and financial literacy, hire and employee veterans, give back philanthropically, and help veterans access the real estate market and use VA loan programs. We hope you’ll join us in activating our mission.

As I reflect on my own time in the military and especially as a recent veteran, there are many things that I wish I knew. I can’t go back in time, but I can show my appreciation for those serving today and those planning to serve in the future by offering the advice I could have used years earlier.

Here are five financial benefits available to service members that I wish I had known, so that you can take advantage of them yourself. If I had known the information below, I could have acquired more assets and built wealth for myself and my family during my time in the military and after leaving the line of duty.

  1. Buying and Selling a Home. Military families tend to move often, sometimes with little notice, which can make it tough to decide whether to buy a home or rent. But you also have access to some special perks as a homebuyer. Members of the military receive a tax-free Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to cover all or part of your mortgage payment. If you buy a home, you can deduct mortgage interest, even if you use your tax-free housing allowance to pay for it.
  2. Understand special tax rules for home sale profits. If you eventually sell your home for a profit after renting it out, there are special tax rules that can minimize the bite. To claim tax-free profit (up to $250,000 for singles or $500,000 for couples), civilian homeowners must live in a house for two of the five years leading up to the sale. Military families, however, must live in the house for just two of the preceding 10 years to qualify for this tax break.
  3. A VA loan lets you buy a home with zero money down. Qualified VA borrowers in some parts of the country can purchase homes up to $726,525 without having to factor in down payment (most areas limited to 484,350). Regardless of the loan amount, one thing they won’t have to factor in is mortgage insurance.
  4. VA loans and rental properties. You can use a VA loan to refinance an existing rental home you once occupied as a primary home. For home purchases, in order to obtain a VA loan, you must certify that you intend to occupy the home as your principal residence. If the property is a duplex, triplex or four-unit apartment building, you must occupy one of the units yourself.
  5. VA loans and second homes. Federal regulations do limit loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs to “primary residences” only, however, “primary residence” is defined as the home in which you live “most of the year.” Therefore, if you own an out-of-state residence in which you live for more than 6 months of the year, this other home, whether it’s your vacation home or retirement property, becomes your official “primary residence.”

I hope this knowledge will help those currently serving members, veterans and families navigate life outside of the armed forces.

There is still time this month to show your appreciation for service members. If you’re looking for ways to give back, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you again and always to everyone who has sacrificed for the United States.

Todd Jones
Captain US Army
President – Paramount Bank Direct

2019 Week 21 Econ Calendar

By | Economic Calendar

The week of May 19th, 2019 scheduled economic reports. Key reports are FOMC minutes, purchase mortgage applications, April home sales, and unemployment.

Monday, May 20th

  • Chicago Fed National Activity Index for April.

Tuesday, May 21st

  • National Association of Realtors (NAR) existing home sales for April.
  • Earning for Home Depot, TJX, AutoZone, Kohl’s, Nordstrom.

Wednesday, May 22nd

  • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) mortgage purchase applications index.
  • FOMC Minutes.
  • Earnings for Lowe’s, Target, V.F. Corp.

Thursday, May 23rd

  • Unemployment claims report.
  • Census Bureau new home sales for April.
  • Kansas City Fed manufacturing survey.
  • Earnings for Medtronic, RBC, TD Bank, Intuit, HP Inc.


Paramount Bank’s Tiffanie Bice Hosts VAHome Realtor Certification Course in Seattle Area

By | News and Updates, Paramount in the Community

Paramount Bank’s Tiffanie Bice and Todd Jones hosted a certification course for real estate agents in the Seattle area on May 2nd.

The course is an opportunity to certify professionals in the real estate industry for serving veterans in the housing market. If you’d like to attend one of these courses in the future, contact

Like Fidelity National Title – WA and Paramount Bank on Facebook to stay updated on events!


5 Best Days to Sell A Home

By | News and Updates

When it comes to selling your home simple things such as the best day of the week and best days of the year to list can get overlooked when making the push to keep it all together. Two recent studies from Redfin and ATTOM Data Solutions conclude that Thursday is the best day of the week to list and June 28, May 31, June 21, June 20 and May 24 earn the most above median market value.

Redfin’s data team analyzed 5 million home listings that sold in 2017 and 2018 that identified Thursday as the best day to list your home because it can net more money in a quicker time frame. The study also found Monday is the “worst” day of the week to list and Wednesday came in second place behind Thursday. They found that homes listed on a Thursday sold for more than an average of $3,000 more than Monday listings. Redfin’s chief economist Daryl Fairweather offered the recency effect for Thursday being the hot listing day as shoppers prepare to go into the weekend house hunting. However, earlier in the week or Friday could get impacted by too much noise in with the rigorous pace of modern life. Learn more here.

Another fascinating study through the team over at ATTOM Data Solutions found the five days where sellers got the most above median market value. Their data set claims to cover 155 million residential and commercial properties covering 99 percent of the country. For this particular study ATTOM Data Solutions analyzed 362 calendar days per year from 2011-2018. The conclusions back-up what our best agents keep telling us that as summer heats up so does the home selling and buying market. Indeed the analysis found that May helped sellers net a 7.4% premium and June performed even better with a 9.2% premium. Todd Teta, ATTOM’s chief product officer, used simple supply and demand with the caveat that families trying to fit a move in between school years can really swing the premiums received on offers from buyers. ATTOM Data Solutions’ study of single family homes and condo sales offered these day of the year insights:

  1. June 28 – 10.8% seller premium
  2. May 31 – 10.7% seller premium
  3. June 21 – 10.7% premium
  4. June 20 – 10.6% seller premium
  5. May 24 – 10.5% seller premium

Learn more about ATTOM Data Solutions methodology here.

If you’re thinking of selling and want to put a premium on speed with max value leveraging detailed data such as the best day of the year and week could make an impact for your transaction. According to this data look to list your home on a Thursday in May or June!

Household Debt Tops $13 Trillion

By | Econ News, Mortgage Tips

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s quarterly report indicates total household debt shot up almost 1 percent by $124 billions to $13.67 trillion.

Housing Debt

  • Mortgage balances rose by $120 billion, to $9.2 trillion.
  • Mortgage originations declined to $344 billion from $401 billion, the lowest level seen since the third quarter of 2014.
  • Mortgage delinquencies improved slightly, with 1.0% of mortgage balances 90 or more days delinquent, down from 1.1% in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Non-Housing Debt

  • Outstanding student loan debt increased by $29 billion, to $1.49 trillion.
  • Newly originated auto loans totaled $139 billion, continuing a long-running growth trend.
  • Credit card balances fell slightly, to $848 billion from $870 billion.

Bankruptcy Notations and Credit Inquiries

  • About 192,000 consumers had a bankruptcy notation added to their credit reports, on par with the total from the first quarter of 2018.
  • The number of credit inquiries within the past six months—an indicator of consumer credit demand—declined to around 137 million, the lowest level seen in the history of the data.

Contact a mortgage banker at Paramount today if you need help with cash-flow to complete a home improvement project or pay off debt leveraging the equity in your home.

Home Prices Update – Spring 2019

By | Econ News

Home prices continued to grow in March 2019 vs March 2018 with an increase by 3.7 percent according to the CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI). Prices have been streaking since 2012 but there remains some temperance in the numbers. 3.7 percent is slightly cooler vs 4.4 percent and 4.0 percent from the January and February. CoreLogic’s deputy chief economist Ralph McLaughlin said, “With mortgage rates flat and inventory picking up, we expect more buyers to take advantage of easing housing market headwinds.”

McLaughlin’s sentiment is backed up with the CoreLogic Home Price Index forecast of a 4.8 percent increase to March 2020.

The seven year home price streak has restored 39 of the country’s markets to pre-crisis levels. This could be a good time to list your home if you’re thinking of selling or moving. If you have any questions on how your home’s value or the appraisal process contact us today!

2019 Week 20 Econ Calendar

By | Economic Calendar

The week of May 13th, 2019 scheduled economic reports. Key reports are the manufacturing survey, retail sales, and housing starts.

Tuesday, May 14th

  • Q1 2019 Report on Household Debt and Credit

Wednesday, May 15th

  • The Mortgage Bankers Association purchase mortgages applications results.
  • Retail sales.
  • May 2019 Empire State manufacturing survey.
  • May 2019 The National Association of Home Builders survey.

Thursday, May 16th

  • Weekly unemployment claims report
  • April 2019 Housing Starts

Friday, May 17th

  • Consumer sentiment index

Easy Honey Grilled Pork Tenderloin

By | Favorite Recipes

This honey-based marinade is an excellent way to add flavor to grilled pork tenderloin. Simply marinate 4-8 hours ahead of your barbeque.  A perfect dish for sharing with your friends and family over the long weekend. During test trials we added some fresh thyme and rosemary to it making it one of our new go to favorites for grilling with the blend of flavors, sizzle, and carmelization.


  • 2 pounds pork tenderloin
  • 2/3 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup Dijon mustard
  • 1/4 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt


  1. Place meat in a large resealable plastic bag.
  2. Mix honey, Dijon mustard, chili powder, and salt in a bowl.
  3. Pour marinade over tenderloin, seal, and refrigerate for 4-8 hours.
  4. Prepare the grill for indirect heat.
  5. Lightly oil grill grate. Remove meat from marinade, and discard liquid.
  6. Grill for 30 minutes or to desired doneness with an internal temperature of 145° F,
  7. Finish with a three-minute rest.

Recipe and photos provided by Tom Riehl of Riehl Food.

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