David R. Noble


David R. Noble serves as the President and a Board Director for Paramount Bank, where he leads the commercial banking division. With a background of nearly 13 years in banking, David provides oversight to the team’s commercial loan portfolio, establishes, and maintains ongoing relationships, and supports cross-functional sales that promote customer relationship development. His responsibilities also include developing, implementing, and administering all aspects of the Bank’s Corporate and Regional Community Economic Development Plans, as well as CRA and Fair Lending strategies.

As an experienced and astute Senior Banking Leader, David possesses a triumvirate combination of expertise in the application of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Regulation and Diverse, Equitable Inclusive Community Economic Development Strategies. His unique innate ability enables him to facilitate cooperation among various interests, creating opportunities, assisting in problem-solving, and achieving objectives both within his employer’s organization and the communities he serves. David has made a significant impact on the banking industry as a trailblazer, cultivating atypical and unrelated alliances.

David attended Saint Louis University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Studies with a Minor in Real Estate Planning & Community Development, and a Master of Science in Urban Planning & Development. With over 12 years of community economic development experience, Noble actively serves on numerous boards and committees focused on both community and economic development for local, regional, statewide, and national initiatives.

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