Richard Hirsch

Richard Hirsch

Senior Vice President – Marketing

Columbus, OH

NMLS: 166867

Proven to build service-centric infrastructures, high-performance teams, and innovative sales and marketing strategies to drive production and retention. Rich is highly skilled in aligning brands with organizational efforts, defining and employing comprehensive strategic plans to increase awareness, drive outreach, and fuel record-setting revenue and profit gains.

Works diligently to create highly efficient, automated, and customer-focused organizations, catalyzing change, securing buy-in, and leading teams and organizations through high-impact transformations.

Rich also champions technology innovation and integration, evangelizing deployment of software and platform solutions that have revolutionized the way business was done.

Finally, Rich is leading the Paramount Bank marketing team to build an overarching brand. The goal is to represent the thousands of happy customers to come through this institution and differentiate the Paramount Bank experience from any other Bank or Lender in the country.

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