Shea Peffly

CEO and Visionary, Menagerie Coaching

Shea Peffly, the CEO of Menagerie Coaching, is dedicated to assisting executives in achieving their goals within their businesses. Specializing in professional training, leadership team facilitation, and coaching, Shea is a Certified EOS Implementer, Kolbe Certified Consultant, and Professional Certified Multiple Brain Integration (mBit) Coach.

Growing up in a military household and graduating from Memphis State University with a degree in audio technology and recording, Shea experienced continuous growth opportunities, accumulating over 30 years of experience in senior operations management, executive leadership, and entrepreneurship. Recognizing the challenges that executive leaders encounter in running successful businesses, Shea approaches life with the belief that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Her focus on helping business leaders attain clarity through their vision and strategic plans, steering organizations towards transformation, ultimately improves work cultures and contributes to greater economic and community advancement.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Shea enjoys playing the piano, solving puzzles, coloring, and spending quality time with her family.

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