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Happy 5/29 Day – National College Savings Plan Day!

By May 29, 2019July 13th, 2020News and Updates
Calculating your college tuition fees

Today, 5/29, is National College Savings Plan Day. 529s can be tax-advantaged savings options to help place resources toward a future student’s higher education. When education fees and costs come into play it is possible to use funds for qualified college expenses tax-free.*

Celebrate 5/29 Day with us by reviewing the benefits you could receive by utilizing a 529 plan.

  1. Federal Tax Advantages: Qualified 529 account earnings grow federal-tax free and qualified withdrawals are also tax-free.
  2. More Than Tuition: 529 resources can be used for a variety of higher education expenses such as room and board, school supplies, and computers.
  3. Use At Any Accredited School: Each institution administrated by the U.S. Department of Education should provide eligibility.
  4. An Above and Beyond Gift: The gift of an education is a special gift that can never be lost, stolen, or taken away. The ultimate experience!

*You should consult with a qualified tax advisor with respect to the various education benefits.

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