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Quarantine Home Organization Projects

By May 15, 2020July 13th, 2020Good Reads, Paramount in the Community
Quarantine Home Renovation Projects COVID 19 Paramount Bank Rearrange Furniture Bookshelves Lights Dust Lamps Appliances

Quarantine home organization projects are a great way to pass the time while improving the feel of your home.

Being couped up at home can bring about a lot of distraction, especially if you’re adjusting to a new work-from-home situation. When you have completed your daily 9-5 at your new home office, take a look at some quarantine home organization projects to keep you productive.

Home Organization Project #1: Quarantine Furniture Shuffle

We all have extra time for thinking during quarantine. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your couch might look better in a different spot, or that bookshelf could be organized by author last name instead of book height/thickness.

Open up the center of your living space by moving furniture against a wall, or rearrange a large rug.

These don’t have to include you moving giant pieces of furniture. Small shuffles work, too. Move that lamp, swap the position of those kitchen appliances, or whatever you want! Small rearrangements here-and-there will make the big picture of your room look and feel a lot different in short order.

Organization Projects with Lighting

Speaking of lamps, you can take this time in quarantine to work on simple lighting projects.

Don’t worry, the electrician won’t be necessary for these simple lighting projects.

Instead, you can replace incandescent bulbs with more efficient, longer-lasting LED lights.

Wipe the dust off your lamps and curtains. Experiment with curtain positions through the course of the day to see if you can squeeze in a little more natural light during the day.

If you’re feeling extra spicy, you could order some LED strips from an online retailer and make the underside of desks pop (or add them behind the TV to help your eyes during a Netflix binge session).


What kind of quarantine home organization projects do you want to undertake? We’re all wondering what to do with this extra time in our lives. It can be difficult to process this new reality, but rest assured that we’re all in this together! As we adjust to the new normal in the short-term, we can take solace in knowing we’ll all be able to make the best of this situation and come out the other side even better than before.


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