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Shopping for the Holiday During a Pandemic

By December 8, 2020November 3rd, 2022Good Reads
shopping during a pandemic

Now more than ever, you may be hesitant to go out into the public when shopping during a pandemic. Paramount Bank wants all of our customers to stay safe during this time, so we want to provide you ideas on how to do so. Check out these easy ways to avoid contact with others while shopping for the holiday 2020 season. 

Protect Yourself First

Adhering to the CDC standards during this time will make shopping for the holiday during a pandemic a lot more safe. Wear a mask, social distance, and washing your hands often with warm water for 20+ seconds will combat the spread of COVID-19 while shopping. Most stores provide hand sanitor and complimentary masks to customers who need them. 

Online Shopping

Online shopping is now more popular than ever. With the rise of COVID-19, many have looked to saving a trip to the store when shopping for the holiday during a pandemic. Granted many items you’re looking for are available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon, shopping local is still possible. A lot of local businesses have adapted to shipping their goods as well. Be sure to contact your favorite local shop if you’re interested in having an item shipped, rather than going to the store, or visit their website if they have one. 

No Contact Curbside Pickup

Many businesses have adapted to curbside pickup, and now more than ever it makes total sense. While shopping for the holiday during a pandemic, it makes total sense to find an option that keeps you and your loved ones safe. No contact curbside pickup is rather easy, companies will allow you to pick and choose what you want from the store on their app, and after you order, simply park in the designated parking spot, and pop your trunk when they’re ready. The rest will be taken care of. 

Shopping During Less Busy Hours

Regardless of curbside pickup, some still prefer to shop in the store itself. You can usually see when the busiest times for a business are when you check their location page on Google. Avoiding peak times while shopping could be a safer option for you when shopping for the holiday during a pandemic.  

Delivery Apps

Apps like Shipt, Instacart, and Postmates are great for shopping during the holidays when trying to avoid going into the public. These apps allow you to make a list, and have other shoppers go and do the shopping for you, and deliver them to your home. 

Staying home during these times isn’t easy, but it’s better to be safe than it is to be sorry. While you’re at home, be sure to check out some more of our blogs for home buying, decor, and easy ways to save money.  

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